is one of the fastest growing marketing communication agencies in the region.
A stable filled with enough creative horsepower to help our clients outrun those economic downturns, help those who are growing flourish and to even help those who don’t know they need help.

"Win the Future"


Late in 2006, Elie Khayata pioneered the development of creative department by hiring media specialist & graphic designers to create ads.

In order to sell more space, he soon realized it can be done if the company provides a comprehensive advertisement service by creating the ad content itself. Thus the graphic designer became the creative mind behind the magic.

In the course of Mr. Khayata's many travels, he teamed up with friends and built "Gravity Communication Agency". Together, they had many merry adventures: building a great reputation in Kurdistan and Iraq then expanding to Damascus and Dubai where they established offices.

Our =


Our word is gold. Over the years, we earned the reputation of an accountable, honest and responsible advertisement company.


Our team of professionals is committed to help our clients to reach their dreams by striving to excellence even in the smallest of details.

Customer focus

We understand that our clients are looking for the best outcome and we work to ensure the greatest results through a mutual respectful relationship. We serve best because we listen to our client's needs and learn from their experience.


We are determined not to recycle our old ideas yet to always challenge ourselves to achieve contentious improvements.

Brand storytelling

We tell the story that the audience wants to hear; the stories of genius and determination behind everyone of our client's success; these great stories worthy of telling and residing in the minds and hearts of people.

Integrated Marketing


Digital Marketing

Brand Development & Visual Branding

Strategic Media Management and Placement, Relations, Planning & Buying

Events Planning & Implementation

Production Services

Community Relations, CSR & Youth Engagement

Internal Communications


We recognize the success of our work within the context of a client's competitive environment, and through the lessons that we can apply to future efforts.


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